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All you Need to Know About Uber Ghana as a Rider or Driver

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  • By Ludvic Kraku
  • . 22nd April, 2018 .
  • 3 minutes read. Updated on 23rd January, 2019

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Is there Uber in Ghana?

Yes, Uber started operations in Ghana in 2016, and if you haven't had your first ride yet, don't worry, it's not too late to enjoy your first.

Uber is fully operational in both Accra and Kumasi.

After reading this, you will get pretty familiar with the Uber Ghana app.

What is Uber?

You most likely know what it is, but to those who don't know:

To passengers, Uber is like our taxis but instead of going to the roadside to hail one, you can comfortably be at home, office or wherever you are and use your smartphone to request a car directly to your doorstep. Yeah, basically.

You tap a button on your Uber Ghana app, you get a ride within minutes.

Uber Ghana currently works in Accra and Kumasi.

Sounds cool, right? Get your first Uber Ghana ride

First, you have to download the Uber Ghana app:

After downloading the app, allow Uber to access your location and sign up using your phone number, Facebook or Google account.

Your first ride is waiting, make a request.

On your screen, you will see a map and a search box above asking you "Where to?" Enter where you want to go to (Uber will give you suggestions, choose the one most appropriate to your destination or set one on the map).

Uber will show you the available cars closest to you and give you an estimate of the time it will take for a driver to arrive and the price in Ghana Cedis.

If you are okay with the fare, tap on Confirm UberX to request the ride.

Wait a few seconds for the driver to accept and contact you to get your exact location.

You will see the driver's picture, car details and the number of minutes it will take the driver to get to your place.

Wait for the driver to arrive to enjoy your first Uber Ghana ride.

Don't forget to wear your seat belt

Payment Method

Uber Ghana accepts:

Cash and
Debit/Credit Card
MTN mobile money (coming soon)

Cash payment: When you arrive at your destination, the driver will confirm the fare and you pay.

You may rate the driver after the trip.

Free Rides

You can get free rides by inviting your friends. Just go to the menu icon and invite your friends via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

Once they sign up, they will get their first ride free, and you will also get your next ride free.

Things you Should Know

Should you lose an item in an Uber taxi, get involved in an accident or have an issue with a driver, just click on the menu icon, go to Your Trips, tap on that particular trip and make a report.

Fares change due to demand, when the demand is very high, it can be quite expensive using Uber Ghana. For example, prices can be high on Sunday mornings when many people are requesting for Uber rides to church.

Uber Ghana charges you for cancelling a request.

You can easily save a location: just tap Where To?, click on Save Places to add a place.

Wishing you a smooth ride. Let us know how your first Uber trip went.

Contact Uber Ghana

You can find Uber Ghana in Accra at:

1. Golden Lilly Hall, Ghana International Trade Fair Centre
. They are open from Monday to Friday (9am - 4pm)

and Uber Ghana in Kumasi at:

2. Plot No. 16B Block O, Nhyiaeso.
They are open from Monday to Friday (9am - 5pm)

You can also send them a message on Twitter.

For Drivers

Requirements to be an Uber Driver in Ghana

To drive Uber in Ghana, you need to sign up first. If you don't already have an account with Uber Ghana, visit the following Uber link to create an account.

Minimum Requirements

You can drive with Uber even if you don't have a car or commercial permit.

The following are required from you

  • A valid driving license for Ghana
  • You must complete a safety screening
  • Watch a short information video
  • You must be at least 25 years old

Driving Documents

Car must have:

  • A working radio
  • A working air conditioning
  • Four Doors

Required Vehicle Documents

Before hitting the road, you will need to upload the documentation below:

  • Commerical insurance Certificate with Comprehensive Cover
  • Roadworthiness certificate

Uploading your Documentation

To register your vehicle on the system, you need to upload your documents. All documents uploaded must be easily readable or else they will be rejected.

Make sure that your Vehicle Registration Number, Make and Model are the same as the vehicle that is on your Uber account.

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