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How to Save WhatsApp Status Video and Picture on your Android Phone

  • By Aku Sika
  • . 11th March, 2018 .
  • 1 minute read

Maybe you saw a WhatsApp Status picture or video that you really loved, and you want to share or keep it on your phone.

Good News: WhatsApp statuses are temporarily stored in a hidden folder on your device.

You can save the pictures or videos by following these simple steps.

To Save them:
(I'll be using a Samsung phone)

1. Open My Files app/folder on your Android phone.
This 'files folder' name varies on various phones eg File Manager, File Explorer. If you don't find one, download one (eg. ES File Explorer) from Play Store.

2. Tap the Menu Icon (3 dots) at the top of your screen

3. Select Settings, you should see Show hidden files, tap it to enable "show hidden files"

4. Now go back and select My Device, open the WhatsApp folder and select Media

5. After opening the Media, you should see .Statuses at the top of your screen

6. Open the .Statuses folder to see the WhatsApp videos and pictures

7. You can select any video or picture to share

8. To save a picture or a video, select the file, tap the menu icon at the top and move the file to different folder on your Device or SD Card

Save WhatsApp Status

Note: WhatsApp Statuses are available for only 24 hours. Remember to save them while they are available.

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