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Public Holidays in Ghana 2019

  • By Aku Sika
  • . 3rd January, 2019 .
  • 1 minute read . Updated on 9th March, 2019

Ghana will have 13 public holidays in 2019. We now have 2 new holidays: Constitution Day which falls on 7th January and Founders' Day on 4th August. The 1st July Republic Day and the AU Day have both now been scrapped.

The following are the official public holidays in 2019.

  1. New Year's Day - Tuesday, 1st January
  2. Constitution Day - Monday, 7th January [New Holiday]
  3. Independence Day - Wednesday, 6th March
  4. Good Friday - Friday, 19th April
  5. Easter Monday - Monday, 22nd April
  6. May Day - Wednesday, 1st May
  7. Eid al-Fitr - Wednesday, 5th June*
  8. Founders' Day - Sunday, 4th August [New Holiday]
  9. Eid al-Adha - Thursday, 12th August*
  10. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day - Saturday, 21st September
  11. Farmers' Day - Friday, 6th December
  12. Christmas Day - Wednesday, 25th December
  13. Boxing Day - Thursday, 26th December

* Subject to visibility of the moon
As at Monday, 22nd April 2019

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Other notable days in Ghana

  • Valentine's/Chocolate Day - Thursday, 14th February
  • 7th March (Rest Holiday for only Primary and High School Students in Ghana)- Thursday, 7th March
  • April Fool's Day - Monday, 1st April
  • Mother's Day - Sunday, 12th May
  • Father's Day - Sunday, 16th June

Holidays in Ghana

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