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WhatsApp Scam: Never Click on These 'Free' Links

WhatsApp Scam Ghana

When was the last time you received a message on WhatsApp that read, "Click this link to receive free KFC coupons," or "Click this link below to get 50 GB free internet data on Vodafone?"

If you are active on WhatsApp, then my guess is: recently. The truth is most of these "free" messages are scams and you will not get what they promise.

Scam messages

If you click on such links, at best you will waste your time and get served with unwanted adverts, at worst your personal details and passwords will be stolen.

Below are examples of such scam messages:

WhatsApp Scam Messages

What you should know

1. Carefully check the website address, most of these scam messages contain web addresses that look similar to web addresses of big brands. But they are different, always check the spelling of the domain name.

2. Most big brands have secure websites that begin with "https". The links in scam messages are usually not secure and do not have the "s" at the end of "https." The S stands for secure.

WhatsApp Charges and Colour Changes

You might have also received a message that read, "If you don't click this link below, you will be charged for using WhatsApp" or "Your WhatsApp colour will change from green to red if you click the link below."

Don't click on such links. WhatsApp is a free app.

If ever in doubt, visit WhatsApp's official blog, you will find all information you need to know about WhatsApp there.

Never click on those scam links and protect your friends by not forwarding those messages.

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