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Everyday, different individuals, new and old businesses in Ghana turn to Google and type in "website design companies in Ghana."

If my guess is right, that's how you found this article. You probably typed those exact words or a question that contained "web Ghana."

You may be an individual looking for a single page portfolio website or a site to blog about your hobby.

Or ...

You are a local business owner/a manager at a big company in Ghana in need of a website to boost sales and see your business thrive online.

Either way, you need to know certain key information before you hire the services of a web design company in Ghana.

Selecting a wrong one now could cost you in the future, not only in growth but also in terms of web security.

We all want the best web design company to work with, don't we?

Here are what to look out for:

1. Does the web design company offer secure websites?

Whether it is personal or business, security is very important. In choosing a website company to work with, first check if their website itself is secured.

How do you know?

Have you noticed that padlock symbol next to some web addresses in the address bar? That is an indication that a website is secured, as it displays "https".

The "s" at the end of the "https" means your connection to that website is secure.

GoldChest Technologies SSL

Always make sure that the web company you hire offers SSL certificate (HTTPS).

Google is particularly keen on secure websites.

2. Do they offer SEO services?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is basically how website content is designed, written, structured and regularly maintained to rank higher on a search engine (e.g. Google).

Every blogger or business owner wants their website to rank high on the first page of Google search results for certain keywords.

The higher you rank, the more likely you will be found, and that could mean more and new customers. It is therefore important that the web company you choose knows the basics about SEO.

Web Ghana
Google Page Rank Joke

Know that no or bad SEO practices would affect your website.

3. Web companies shouldn't limit you

It's true that different web companies in Ghana offer various packages to different clients.

Every client and what they want, but there are certain essential features of websites that all agencies should offer their clients.

Certain basic features like:

  • The number of email addresses
  • The number of web pages
  • The number of social media accounts you can integrate into your website
  • Basic web security
  • Web analytics

... shouldn't be severely restricted.

Always check the features web agencies offer and choose the agency that will not place significant limitations on your site. Those above basic features shouldn't add significant cost to the price you pay for your website.

4. Check their previous works

To know if a web agency is going to create the best website for your business, you need to check out some of their past works.

Checking at least 3 or 4 of the sites they have designed and developed for other companies should help you know their web design and development skills.

And by checking, you shouldn't only look at pictures displayed on their website.


You should actually visit the websites they've created for others and experience them for yourself:

  • How fast the sites open
  • The design of the websites (good user interface)
  • The readability of the texts (visitors shouldn't have to zoom in to read)
  • How easy is it to navigate your way around the sites?
  • Whether you can view full content on different browsers (including Opera Mini - the most popular mobile browser in Ghana)

All the above factors will determine how you get visitors to your website and get those visitors to buy your products/services.

What if the web design company is new and doesn't have a portfolio page?

Well, then you assess their skills by navigating their website. If they have done good for themselves, they should be able to do good for you.

5. An up-to-date web design agency

Some web design companies fail to keep up with the times. We recently viewed in excess of 100 websites designed over 5 years ago by web agencies in Accra, and we found out that a significant proportion of such websites had still not changed their sites to reflect modern web trends.

Web design companies you hire should be up-to-date and ready to inform their clients of the latest web trends and encourage them to adapt accordingly.

Here's the thing: the less regularly you update your website (including web development softwares), the more vulnerable it is to hacking.

If you currently have a website that is not mobile-friendly (optimised to appear well on mobile devices), you should inform your web agency to make it mobile-friendly.

Extra: Web Maintenance

Web design agencies know how to design, develop and maintain websites.

Heck, that's their job.

But not many people new to websites know how to maintain and update websites. It is therefore important that web companies offer maintenance services to their clients.

Some web companies go as far as organising training sessions for their clients, which is excellent.

Always ask web agencies if they do offer web maintenance services and how often. If you have an in-house personnel who will handle your website for you, then that is great.


To find the best website design companies in Ghana,

Make sure the web design agency fulfills the following criteria:

  • They offer a secure website (SSL certificate)
  • They can help you with basic SEO
  • They offer training and valuable web maintenance services
  • They don't place certain limitations on your website
  • They keep up with modern web trends
  • They design websites that fully load on all browsers

We wish you the best as you search for a good web design company in Ghana.

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