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GoldChest Technologies is a Modern Digital Agency. A Good one

Based in Accra - Ghana, GoldChest is made up of a group of friends who share a love of the web, design and functionality.

Despite not studying Computer Science during their time at the University of Ghana, their passion for computer and the internet pushed them to embrace the web and all it had to offer.

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"We began in college just helping friends overcome their basic IT related problems. As we started facing more challenging and complex problems, we decided to learn more. This led us to self-learning web development, programming, principles of design, digital marketing and networking. Within some months, we had mastered the fundamentals. At GoldChest, we believe learning is a never-ending process.

Today, we combine our experiences and ideas from our backgrounds in Economics, the Humanities and the Sciences as we seek to not only help our friends but small local businesses and all individuals."

Join us as we share this exciting journey with you.

GoldChest Technologies, giving you the online presence you deserve.