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5 Relevant Information You will Find on Bank of Ghana's Website

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  • By Aku Sika
  • . 29th March, 2018 .
  • 2 minutes read. Updated on 28th October, 2023

You may think Bank of Ghana's (BoG) website is uninteresting, filled with boring numbers, talk on monetary policies and whatnots.

But no, there is more to Bank of Ghana's website than just numbers.

Here are some important information you will find on BoG's website.

1. Foreign Exchange Rates (Daily)

Well, this is what sends most people to BoG's website. You may need to check the current foreign exchange interbank rates (US Dollar-Cedi, Pound-Cedi, Naira-Cedi etc) to make a business decision or for your personal use.

Either way, BoG's foreign exchange rate data are updated daily, but the great thing about the data available on BoG's site is that you can access foreign exchange rate data that go as far back as 2008.

For example, on 18th June, 2008, 1 US Dollar was sold at 1.02 Ghana Cedis.

2. Old Bank Notes of Ghana

Were you born in the 50s, 60s or 70s and you feel a bit nostalgic about our old currencies?
Or are you a millennial who wants to know about our past bank notes?

Don't stress, BoG will take you a trip down memory lane; you will find pictures of all the different bank notes Ghana has ever used. They also include a brief history of the Cedi.

Ten Shillings - Bank of Ghana

Old Ghana Ten Shillings. Picture credit: BoG

3. Public Holidays

Did you forget the next official public holiday? Don't worry, BoG are very up to date, they have all the national holidays on their website.

If you ever need a reminder, just head to their holidays' page. You can trust their dates, they are very accurate.

4. Licensed Financial Institutions

If you are deciding to start using the financial services of any bank, microfinance, rural bank, forex bureau, or savings and loans company, it is advisable to first check BoG's list of registered and licensed institutions in Ghana.

They have a list of all approved financial institutions in Ghana. Be on the safe side.

5. Official Government Websites

The final interesting thing you will find on BoG's site is a list of relevant Government of Ghana websites. Visit their site to get the links to the various government websites.


Now you have an excuse to spend some few minutes on BoG's website. Hope you enjoy your time there.

Did you discover any other interesting thing on BoG's website. Share with us, we will love to know.

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